Course Overview

The Student Success Strategies resource is designed to assist you in your journey to obtain your life goals. You begin your participation in this resource in your first course in the program and are encouraged to use the resources throughout your education here at the Legacy Life University.

The topics included in this resource provide basic principles for student success to help you reach your career goals. The topics are organized in modules so that you can focus your learning on one topic at a time.

The self-directed learning modules are designed to provide you with the content or information as a basis for knowledge about the topic. This part of the module is considered self-directed because you can determine the pace and amount of information needed to learn more. The modules offer interactive learning opportunities to enhance your experience.

Most modules also include a self-assessment. The assessments provide feedback about what you have learned from the module and how to apply it.

Additional resources and recommended readings are provided in some modules to further develop your learning. Review each module carefully and refer back to the resource often.

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