Sermon on the Mount: Jesus’ Greatest Message (NT205)


Christians everywhere are familiar with the concept of building your house on the rock. Songs are sung, sermons are preached, and study is done relating to these words of Jesus. We often don’t realize what He was really saying in this message. When Christ in Matthew 7 referred to “these sayings of mine,” He primarily meant the words of the Sermon on the Mount.


The Sermon on the Mount was intended to become the foundation for the building of the Christian religion, and yet so many see the verses of Matthew 5-6-7 as little more than a tangled web of poetry, promises and warnings that have little relevance to believers today.

This course seeks to:

  • Uncover what this sermon really is, why it was given and what it means to us today
  • Equip believers to build their lives on the real foundation of truth as Jesus intended


Dr. Paul Shirek

Dr. Paul Shirek is founder of the Northern Christian Alliance, an organization working and praying together to present the message of Jesus Christ, strengthen churches, and positively affect the culture of Wisconsin and the north. He and his wife, Doreen, are senior pastors at Faith Christian Church, where they have led since its founding in 1985. Paul is the author of The Last One Standing, a great read for anyone looking to be inspired and see the vision and drive he has to see God’s church thrive in today’s culture.
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