Introduction to the Chaplain Ministry (PT402)


This course offers an overview for a better understanding of the nature of chaplaincy with a focus on theological foundations, practical concerns and necessary skills for entering this exciting field of ministry. Get to know the wide-ranging territories where chaplains meet the needs of hurting people, such as hospitals, schools, prisons, the military and more.


This course will enable students to:

  • Gain an appreciation for chaplain ministry and be able to identify the many kinds of chaplaincies where one can serve
  • Articulate biblical foundations related to the unique nature of the chaplaincy
  • Investigate the key skills needed for effective ministry in the chaplaincy


Dr. Ronald Gavin (CEU)

Dr. Ronald Gavin received a dramatic calling to ministry at age 19 while studying Engineering at the University of Virginia. He transferred to Southeastern University to begin his theological training and obtained his B.A. in ministerial studies. There, he formed a Messianic Outreach Team which ministered to Jewish populations throughout Florida and later formed a Musical Evangelistic Outreach Team.

He met his wife Deborah during his studies, and Ron continued his theological training, earning an M.A. in biblical studies and a Master of Divinity. While working on these degrees, Ron and Deb ministered in street evangelism at a local Christian homeless shelter providing meals and leading worship services.

Ron was later offered an Air Force Military Chaplain position, and his ministry included multiple worldwide assignments and a one-year clinical chaplaincy education program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center where he completed 4 units of CPE credits.

After retirement, Ron earned his Doctor of Ministry degree and has taught for a number of universities across the U.S.

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