Dynamics of Effective Communication (PT340)


Effective communication changes lives and launches people into action! For those serving in ministry, education or sales, and authors, entrepreneurs and leaders of any sort, the ability to communicate and speak effectively is directly connected to your success.

In this course, Dr. Randal Langley teaches the SCORRE method of communication logic used by many of today’s successful leaders and speakers. After extensive research, “The Dynamics of Effective Communication” was created to enable speakers from around the world to communicate with excellence and power. Breaking down characteristics shared by great communicators, you will discover a step by step process that is immediately applicable and will radically change the effectiveness of your communication and leadership. This powerful course contains teaching that is relevant for both veteran speakers, beginners and anyone who wants to grow as an effective speaker and leader.


  1. To instruct students in the art of effective communication. This will be accomplished utilizing principles that have been proven and demonstrated by great communicators.
  2. To teach the SCORRE method of communication. SCORRE is a method which forms a framework of communication logic. It takes the student through a process of preparation, developing a theme, giving it focus, and communicating it with confidence to an audience.
  3. To teach skills that help eliminate barriers, speech patterns, abrasive sounds, and mannerisms that can impede audience reception and impact.
  4. To build a greater desire in each student to become an effective communication practitioner.
Dr. Randal Langley


Dr. Randal S. Langley is the President & CEO of Christian Life School of Theology Global, Inc. He is a visionary leader who has been widely embraced as a cutting edge strategist and innovative thinker for our times. His passion is to help people fulfill their ultimate purpose in life and achieve their God-given dreams. Through CLST, Dr. Langley’s goal is to educate and empower Christian leaders of diverse cultures who are passionate for God’s presence and advancing the Great Commission around the world.

Dr. Langley’s education and experience has enabled him to be a successful church planter, educator, entrepreneur, mentor, and friend. He is also a founding partner and certified life coach, teacher, and trainer for the John C. Maxwell Team. Dr. Langley has written articles for many of today’s leading blog’s and publications.

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